Atento supports GameStop to overcome pandemic shortfalls

Atento supports GameStop to overcome pandemic shortfalls

  • Atento agents were actively working from home in just a few weeks to provide the best CX during one of the most uncertain moments of the pandemic.
  • GameStop found a reliable partner in Atento to solve its outsourcing challenge.

NEW YORK, April 7, 2021 – The health pandemic brought about a large number of business challenges when it became apparent that Covid-19 was going to be more than a short-term global interruption. It prompted companies to reassess priorities and react to the changes going on around them. This observation is also true of the customer service industry, as experienced first-hand by Atento (NYSE: ATTO) when providing support to many of its global clients over the past few months.

An example of one such business challenge can be illustrated by the situation with Texas-headquartered Fortune 500 Company, and Atento client, GameStop (NYSE: GME), who had to deal with an unexpected situation early on in the pandemic.

“In April, we were suddenly left without a considerable number of our customer service agents, who were unable to access their place of work due to the pandemic. Our service provider at that time could not find a workaround, meaning that we needed to find an alternative solution rapidly”, recounts Mark Qualls, VP US Operations, GameStop. Faced with this unexpected happening, GameStop approached Atento to see if it could help.

“In just a few weeks, we were able to get the project up and running by moving it to Guatemala, where the pandemic was not yet so prevalent”, explains Wesley O’Brien, VP of Sales, Atento. Indeed, although initially starting with customer service over email, the project was quickly expanded in scope to include chat, and by the end of the year it encompassed voice capabilities, as well, offering GameStop’s customers a quicker way to receive customer service.

“The nature of the pandemic, and the rate at which we began to see that digitalization and seamless customer experience were becoming a key requirement for the end-customer, made us look at more innovative and effective ways of connecting with consumers. Atento advised and guided us throughout that journey”, adds Mark.

“What we are seeing is that in the wake of the pandemic, companies are looking for service providers that can guarantee flexibility, agility and security. This is a tendency we can only believe will continue over the coming months and years”, concludes Wesley.


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