Riot Games chooses Atento as a strategic partner of customer service for Brazilian players

  • Project starts in May and was implemented 100% remotely, due to the pandemic of the new Coronavirus

New York, May 28th 2020 – Riot Games, an American company that develops and publishes games like League of Legends, has just signed a partnership with Atento, a multinational leader in customer experience solutions in Brazil and Latin America, to provide services to Brazilian players. The project, which will cover different fronts, was fully structured, including stages such as recruitment, selection and training 100% remotely due to the latest events caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to Catherine Jooste, Global CCO of Atento, the agreement between the companies was closed days before the new coronavirus pandemic broke out in Brazil. Therefore, the company had to rethink the entire process of the project implementation to ensure that the structure was completely ready in early May, in a safe and assertive way.

“One of Riot Games’ requests, given the scenario that Brazil is experiencing, was that the recruiting and training of professionals to work in this project, as well as entire development in terms of infrastructure, took place online. We were already used to selecting professionals remotely, but in this particular case, there was an extra challenge of finding people with a very specific profile, who were actually familiar with the world of games. Conduct the entire process, including training – which also had to be adapted – and structure all the technical part remotely and within the agreed deadline, was undoubtedly a challenge”, says Catherine.

At the project beginning, all agents will continue to work in a home office system, assisting players who seek help via the Player Support system and other channels, seven days per week, from 6:00 am to 10:00 pm. According to the executive, the specialist’s remote service will follow the security and the corporate environment standards of consumer data handling. Team management will also be remote and will include productivity control tools.

Among the several reasons that made Riot choose Atento as a partner is the company’s ability to create environments that refer to the partner’s culture and to hire, manage and maintain specialists of the appropriate profiles.

Another aspect considered is the fact that Atento relies on structured Community management work, which strategically monitors, manages and supports social media operations through process mapping, customer journey designs, business insights analysis and sharing best practices in the digital market. “Riot wants its customers to be served by professionals who really had experience in the gaming universe. We found this team and we can assure that those who seek any support will find a consultant with expertise to fill their needs”, says Catherine.

“We are happy to debut this partnership. It was a challenge to restructure the process of hiring and training the team online, being essential for Riot Games to follow the safety protocols recommended by health agencies”, says Diego Martinez, Head of Operations from Riot Games in Brazil. “Our goal is to deliver a high-quality support service that meets the needs of the players in this moment when the company starts publishing different titles, from different genres”, he adds.

To enhance the management and engagement of Riot Games’ digital channels, Atento has specialists with dynamic profiles from social communication area, with proven experience in customer experience management or gaming experience. It was also incorporated in the project the use of the Keepcon platform, which applies semantic technology to this work and makes it possible to understand users’ comments more accurately, assess their feelings, classify and moderate these contents and respond in real time to these interactions, in an assertive and fast way. “The use of this tool will facilitate the day-to-day operations and transform comments into important insights for Riot. With this, we hope to guarantee an excellent experience for the Brazilian players of the company”, concludes the Atento´s executive.

Additional information can be found at, including the Annual Report on Form 20F, which has been filed with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission on April 17, 2020.

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