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Atento IR Newsletter
December 2020

Welcome to our inaugural investor relations newsletter. This and future editions are intended to provide deeper insights into our company and strategic growth initiatives, particularly the new digital products and tech-enabled services we’re developing and launching to lead next generation CX. These have been driving Atento’s revenue growth and margin expansion and are increasingly attracting more high-growth Multisector clients, such as Born-digital and other technology companies, including high-profile US brands.

In combination with our improving revenue and client mix, higher operating efficiencies have been driving operating and free cash flow higher, with the latter increasing $100 million YoY on a 9M basis at the end of 3Q’20. Our strong Multisector revenue increase, EBITDA growth and free cash flow were particularly impressive when considering the adverse impact of the Covid19 pandemic on our markets and operations.

That said, our rapid response to the health pandemic led to the creation of Atento@Home, a cloud-based solution for various business scenarios where location flexibility is mission critical. We encourage you read our white paper about this next generation service, a new and important growth driver for Atento. To access the paper, simply click on the download button within the newsletter. This convenient feature is also available to learn about Atento’s highlevel CX process consulting and the launch of Atento Next, our startup accelerator, both of which we’ve also highlighted in the current edition.

In our next IR newsletter, we’ll feature sentiment analysis for digital voice, among other new digital products and next-generation services. In the meantime, our best wishes for the holiday season and for a prosperous New Year.

José Azevedo
Chief Financial Officer

Shay Chor
Investor Relations Director

Atento Newletter IR December 2020

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